Exploring GitHub

Today I decided to take a step further as a developer. I decided to create an account on GitHub (https://github.com/nicolasalliaume/) and upload push my first project. So I did, and it can be found here (https://github.com/nicolasalliaume/bumblebee/).

Bumblebee is a small Python script that allows you to replace strings in any text file (.txt, .log, .xml, .json, etc) with any other strings you want. I created it, as it is now, when I was working for a company as a BI consultant and I had to move a bunch of files from one server to another one. Those files where filled with IP addresses and paths like C:\\blah\blah\more\blah and the new server had, besides a new IP address and a new server name, a new directory structure. I was asked to move more than a hundred files to the new server, and facing that problem I though there must be a fast and easy way to do it.

Bumblebee did the job so well that I started using it in another projects with migration processes.


I think it is so powerful just because it is so simple. Hope it can help you.


Any questions?