ONSubscriptionBox for WordPress

Yesterday I developed a plugin for WordPress called ONSubscriptionBox. It allows you to add a very simple subscription box to any post or page on WordPress using a shortcode. You can add even more than one on the same page/post.

It presents just an email input and a subscribe button. When the user clicks the button, the plugin sends an email to the admin user.


It depends just on jQuery, because it uses jQuery.ajax (post) to send the email.

You can customize the plugin using the following attributes:

  • subject : the subject of the email sent to the admin user
  • label : the label (text) that is used on the subscribe button
  • placeholder : the placeholder to use on the email text input
  • class : one or more classes (separated by spaces, for example, ‘box_1 fun_box’) to add to the subscription box

For example:

  • [on_subscription_box subject=”New follower”] : sends an email with subject ‘New follower’
  • [on_subscription_box label=”Follow”] : The button of the subscription box says ‘Follow’

It’s hosted on GitHub at https://github.com/nicolasalliaume/ONSubscriptionBox. Feel free to change it in any way you need.