Remote Logging for mobile apps

Hi there fellow reader!

Some days ago I was working on a mobile app called INTA (will write about it later, so for now you can just visit its Facebook page and follow it on Twitter). I was interested in incorporating the TestFlight SDK to use its remote logging feature, but as it turned out, TestFlight SDK is no longer available to new TestFlight SDK users. As they told me in reply to me email:

“Any existing teams who have not used the TestFlight SDK will not have the ability to download the TestFlight SDK or upload builds with the TestFlight SDK.”


I still wanted to do remote logging. I had KonaCloud CEO & CoFounder Diego working next to me at Sinergia Cowork a few days ago (when all this SDK problem happened), so we came with the idea of implementing our own remote logging functionality using Kona. He started developing a simple app on Kona to save the log records, and a class to integrate it in my own app. I’ve been working this days on a cool log viewer, which nowadays looks like this:


Captura de pantalla 2014-07-13 a la(s) 00.35.38

Captura de pantalla 2014-07-13 a la(s) 00.35.25


Note it has two themes 😉

It also has filters for the category and the level column. Soon will be available a search box to do text filtering.

This viewer updates every five seconds and shows in pseudo realtime (5 seconds…) all logs being recorded by the mobile application in descending order. Pretty cool, uh? This is just one HTML file, so now web server is needed to use it; it can be opened as a simple webpage using a cool browser (like Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and that’s it.

One last thing to mention: this was intended to be used from a mobile application, but it certainly can be used with a web application.

The viewer is available at my GitHub account here. Documentation on how to create the server side KonaCloud app will be available soon (I promise I’ll let you know). You can also send a tweet to Diego or to KonaCloud to ask them to hurry on this!